Gorilla Glue Weed Review

If you’re looking for a high-quality cannabis strain, you’ll want to try Gorilla Glue Weed. This marijuana hybrid strain is a cross between Sour Dubble, Chocolate Diesel, and Chem’s Sister. It has won numerous awards, including the Michigan Cannabis Cup, the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup, and the High Times Jamaican World Cup. However, there are […]

Looking for Marijuana Dispensaries Near Me?

When looking for marijuana dispensaries near me, remember that there are many businesses without permits in the same area. While some of these businesses are not regulated by the state, they are often seen as legitimate businesses. The marijuana industry evolved and dispensaries without permission were part of the new normal. New York City market […]

Getting Medical Marijuana Online

buy weed online

Medicinal Marijuana can be easily available on many authorized websites today, but people often get to the wrong portals. Many others claiming to sell legal cannabis have been scams. There is a possibility of being arrested for purchasing marijuana due to federal law, even in states that have legalized marijuana, especially if you do not […]

More spent on alcohol, cannabis when the pandemic began, research shows

Alcohol and cannabis sales in Canada saw a notable increase during the COVID-19 pandemic, new research has found — signalling a possible “early warning” of the long-term impacts of increased substance use. The findings, gathered by the Peter Boris Centre for Addictions Research (PBCAR) of McMaster University, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and the Homewood Research Institute in […]