Green Crack Strain – A Balanced Sativa Strain

The Green Crack Filter is a balanced strain Sativa. Height is one of the brains, making even the most ordinary assignment easy. This high is also quite happy and happy, which is great for creative thoughts. This is especially popular among people who work for hours and constantly anywhere. Apart from mental encouragement, it also […]

AK-47 Weed Most Loving

AK 47 Weed is a smooth, Sativa-dominant hybrid. It’s derived from Afghani, South American, Thai, and Mexican bud. Unlike its name, AK-47 is less violent, providing a mellow, peaceful high. Those who use it report feeling “couch-locked,” euphoric, and calm. It also relieves pain and anxiety. AK-47 strain has an uplifting high. It reduces stress […]

Why Most People Prefer To Buy Marijuana Online

Many people prefer to buy marijuana online instead of visiting offline dispensaries. Buying weeds online has several advantages over visiting offline pharmacies. For one, cheaper and easier to pay in advance. You can read the product description and learn about the latest strains before you make a decision. Another Perform is you can place bulk […]

The Difference Between Indica and Sativa Strains

Cannabis seeds come in a wide variety of varieties. Indicas are more commonly known as indicas, while sativas are more commonly referred to as Sativas. These two strains have different growing requirements and chemical compositions. As a result, you may find it difficult to grow Sativa seeds outside of their native habitat, and in some […]